Book Formatting & Editing Services

Writers specialize in writing stories but often the technology involved in turning their book into an attractive well formatted print book or eBook eludes them.  That's where we can help! If you need us to we can take you every step of the way through the publishing process.

Book Formatting and Editing are two very separate processes. Editing helps fine-tune your manuscript so that it is ready for the next step, Formatting. Formatting is the actual process of laying your manuscript out in book form so that it looks professional and polished in appearance when a reader flips through the pages.

Cyber-Bytz has extensive experience formatting books for print and digital formats, so let us relieve you of that burden for an affordable price.


Book Formatting   (Most books take about 4-6 hours to format. You will receive: .pdf, .epub, .mobi, & .doc/.docx files.)

Print Book Formatting - $100

  • Check for spelling, grammar and spacing issues.

  • Format your book so each new chapter begins where it should.

  • Ensure all sections are represented (Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, About the Author etc.)

  • Ensure your interior is the correct size for the size book you want printed, including margins, and headers/footers.

  • Produce an industry standard compliant pdf for upload.

  • Upload files for print for you, upon request.

eBook Formatting - $100

  • Ensure page breaks appear after each section/chapter.

  • Insert hyperlinks to author web pages or other books for sale.

  • Ensure graphics are embedded and anchored so they do not move and resize appropriately.

  • Generate digital Table of Contents.

  • Upload files for you, upon request.

Purchase both print & eBook formatting and receive $25 off!