All graphics are not created the same...

I was inspired recently to write this blog based on posts I have been seeing on Facebook where individuals are advertising that they will create (2) book trailers for $29.00.

Let me ask you this, if someone promises to charge that low of a price for their services; just how well do you believe they will represent the book you have worked so hard to create?

New authors are eager to promote their books, they want the public to see them and who can blame them; they've worked hard to write a book they are proud of.

The problem I see all too often however is this; vultures preying on those who truly do not know what to look for when it comes to book promotions. Anyone can open Photoshop or a multitude of applications that make it easy to slap some words with a graphic, a little action and the author's name and call it a book trailer. But is that a book trailer? No, it's really not.

True book trailers (that only run 30-90 seconds) can cost anywhere from $300 on up, depending on what is included. "IF" a true graphic artist is producing them. Here at Cyber-Bytz we charge $250 for one that runs longer than your average trailer; ours run anywhere from 2:30 - 4:00 minutes (they are closer to a movie trailer, Gabriel's Wing below is an example of one of our book trailers.)

Why do they cost so much? That's a good question that I'll do my best to answer.

First, stock images must be purchased to avoid copyright infringement. Any images included in a book trailer must have permission to be used, otherwise the graphic artist and the author can face legal penalties.

Second, the soundtrack. It's pretty boring to view a book trailer with no sound, so a soundtrack must be custom mixed and added. Yet again, any music used must be clear of copyright infringement, same as the graphics.

Those first two items add up quickly in cost to the graphic designer and it is shocking how regularly people who claim to be graphic artist violate these laws. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this happen. With book trailers and graphics from Cyber-Bytz you will never have to worry that one day someone will try to sue you for copyright infringement.

The last component of the cost is labor. Book trailers, just as any other graphic that is custom created takes time. How much time do you believe is spent on (2) book trailers that cost only $29, not much. How much attention to detail to your creation do you believe is paid to your book trailer? Not much. Most importantly, how much attention do you think those book trailers will attract for your book? Again, not much.

The old idiom "you get what you pay for" definitely applies with graphics services.

With Cyber-Bytz, our pricing shows that we care about how we represent you and your creation, because you deserve it.

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