Dragon Bone

Updated: Feb 13

It is time I shared a book trailer for a truly great book I had the pleasure of reading earlier than anyone else, yes…it is one of the perks of what I do; a good book is never far from my grasp.

The author of this book is Alrea Johnson, the book…Dragon Bone. This is the first book in The Battle For The Four Realms series.

I feel very fortunate to be involved with this book from the beginning of it’s publishing journey with Imzadi Publishing. This story is chock full of dragons, panthora’s, elve’s, mages, and magic in general. It had me hooked from the prologue that was so beautifully written that I had to include it as an artistic element in the book trailer.

The release date for this new epic fantasy is set for May 30th, keep your eyes peeled for it and get your copy!

Below I am attaching the book trailer and the audio preview, no laughing now, yours truly is the reader for the audio trailer so be kind in the comments. Nah, on second thought tell me the truth, I can take it…I think.

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