The anatomy of a winning book cover: ‘The Weight of Living’

Updated: Feb 13

Today a team effort came together and resulted in Gold! The Weight of Living took first place in the AUTHORSdb Cover Contest….and I am utterly thrilled! You have read plenty of my posts in the pasts about my cover art so today I’m going to let the author of the cover speak for himself. I feel so privileged to work with Mr. Daigle, his stories never fail to inspire my imagination. Enjoy his post! Take a look a the trailer and make sure to pick up the Frank Nagler Mysteries, they make the perfect gift for the book lover in your life!

Michael Stephen Daigle

What does a book cover say about the book within?

The cover of my third Frank Nagler Mystery, “The Weight of Living,” created by Anita Dugan-Moore, in a simple design and color palette, captured what the title implies: That living has weight.

I bring this up because the cover of the 2017 book was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2017 cover contest sponsored by, a website for authors and readers.

Congratulations Anita!!

There were 69 winning covers, and while readers were encouraged to vote for their favorites, it seems that the number of votes was not alone the determining factor. That strongly suggests that the judges examined the quality of the…

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