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Do you need custom graphics for your project? As you may have already noticed we create book covers. Along with those covers we can create marketing materials to help you spread the word about your project. Below are some of the services we can provide. If you need something not listed, just send us a message through our contact page.

  • Book covers (Paperback, Hardback, & Digital. Check out our pre-designed covers and save some money!)

  • Book trailers (2-3 minutes, these are not your average book trailer!)

  • Bookmarks (example shown here, great to carry with you to promote your book when you don't want  to carry heavy books around. Include a Q-Code to promote sales!)

  • Book mock-ups for promos

  • Posters

  • Banners (both print/web great for Blogs and websites)

  • Internet graphics (Instagram, Facebook, Wordpress etc.)

  • Post Cards

  • Posters

  • Newsletters

  • Brochures

  • Swag materials

  • Wedding, Funeral & Special Event photo slide-shows.

  • Photo restoration

Cyber-Bytz Bookmark Front
Cyber-Bytz Bookmark Back
Bookmark Front
Bookmark Back
Marketin Ad
Book Graphics
Marketing Ad

We are happy to work out payment plans for any of our services.

  • Marketing Ad Video (as seen below) $150: Custom designed 30-45 second video ad for social media.

  • Book Cover - Print $150: Custom designed paperback or hardback cover.

  • Book Cover - digital (eBook) $100: Custom cover for digital book.

  • Advertising Mock-ups - $95: 2 Custom Mock up graphics suitable for advertising your book.

  • Book Trailer - $250: 1 Custom 2:30 - 4:00 minute high definition book trailer with custom mixed soundtrack.


  • Author's Special #1 - $200: Custom designed paperback or hardback cover plus digital eBook cover (Save $50 on your cover art).

  • Author's Special #2 - $300: Author's Special #1 plus 2 mock-up promos for advertising on social media.

  • Author's Deluxe Package - $400: Author's Special #2 plus book trailer

  • Author's Ultimate Package - $500: Custom book cover (paperback or hardcover sleeve and digital), social media graphics, (2) mock-up promos for advertising, plus a book trailer.)

  • The WORKS! - $600: Custom book covers (hardback sleeve, paperback, & digital), social media banners, (2) mock-up promos for advertising, plus, a book trailer.)

Book Formatting

Writers specialize in writing stories but often the technology involved in turning their book into an attractive well formatted book that is visually pleasing to the eye eludes them.  That's where we can help! If you need us to we can take you every step of the way through the publishing process.

Cyber-Bytz has extensive experience formatting books for print and digital formats, so let us relieve you of that burden for an affordable price.


Print Book Formatting - $100

  • Check for spelling, grammar and spacing issues.

  • Ensure all sections are represented (Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, About the Author etc.)

  • Ensure your interior is the correct size for the size book you want printed, including margins, and headers/footers.

  • Produce an industry standard compliant pdf for upload.

  • Upload files for print for you, upon request.

eBook Formatting - $100

  • Ensure page breaks appear after each section/chapter.

  • Insert hyperlinks to author web pages or other books for sale.

  • Ensure graphics are embedded and anchored so they do not move and resize appropriately.

  • Generate digital Table of Contents.

  • Upload files for you, upon request.

Purchase both print & eBook formatting and receive $25 off!

CV / Resume Website Creation

Today, everyone needs a web presence and online resume's are the cutting-edge way to let prospective employers know about your skills.

Cyber-Bytz can create an attractive website to show-off your skills and talents.  Here is an example of one... online cv / resume.

​Basic CV / Resume website - $175

CV / Resume Website Creation
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