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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I set up a payment plan?

A: Absolutely! We do require your $100 deposit before we can begin work. The deposit is of course deducted from your total cost but anything after that can be paid in installments at your convenience via PayPal. Our only stipulation is that the project must be paid in full before files will be delivered to you.

Q: How can I make payments?

A: Cyber-Bytz will send you an invoice through PayPal with the total amount due and set the invoice up through Paypal to allow partial payments or full payments.

Q: Can you provide references?

A: Certainly! We are happy to refer you to those we have worked for so you can hear from them first-hand about their experiences. Take a look at our Testimonials page as well, several of them have left comments.

Q: How long will my project take to complete?

A: That depends on your project. Some projects go very quickly, other take much longer but we are always happy to take a look and give you a quote. Book formatting for a print book often goes very quickly and can be done within the 4 hour time-frame that the deposit would cover.  Ebook formatting can take a little longer depending upon the book. We hand code your eBooks, we don't use canned software.

Q: I use Createspace and KDP for my books, are you familiar with those?

A: Absolutely! If you wish we will upload all the files and you won't have to do a thing, or if you prefer we will send you the files for upload and you can take it from there.

Q: I am thinking of using Lightning Source through Ingram Sparks, have you used them before?

A: Yes we have. We are as familiar with them as we are Amazon's services.

Q: What if I don't know what service I want to use to publish my book?

A: It's a confusing world out there for self-publishing authors. If you have questions and need some guidance we are always happy to answer questions and help guide you to the service best suited for your needs. We can walk you every step of the way through the process and are happy to take charge of getting your book published as well, if that is what you want.

Q: Do you provide refunds?

A: No. Once we have begun work there are no refunds, but you will always have final approval of the end product. We do not provide refunds because many projects require an investment from us to purchase the rights to use materials such as film clips, music, or photographs in your project to avoid copyright infringement.

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